Rancho La Joya San Miguel de Allende: Architecture, Art and Beauty for an Aesthetic Wedding

Rancho La Joya San Miguel de Allende: Architecture, Art and Beauty for an Aesthetic Wedding

If you were still hesitating to have a destination wedding in Mexico, this venue in San Miguel de Allende is the best answer.
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The best, most exclusive place in San Miguel de Allende to hold your event, with a unique architecture, from the acclaimed Artigas architectural firm, incredible gardens and incomparable spaces make Rancho La Joya San Miguel de Allende the ideal place to celebrate the event of your dreams.

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If the magic of San Miguel de Allende is already undeniable, one of the places that promises to break all schemes when it comes to love and celebration is added to the equation.We are referring to Rancho La Joya, considered today one of the best venues in the destination, distinguished by its architectural style, its interior design and the clear contemporary inspiration that reflects Mexican elegance. If you want to have the best wedding that you ever imagined, this spot will captivate you.

The magic of one of the top wedding venues in Mexico

It was this same 2022 in which Rancho La Joya opened its doors. The initial Opening was held with the top wedding planners in Mexico in order to get to know their spaces, their proposal and imagine, from that moment, how the ideas of the bride and groom from all over the world could materialize in each and every one of their corners. .

The space is a true revelation due to all the spots that inhabit it to enhance the aesthetics of a wedding. Within Rancho La Joya there are five different venues, among which are: “Patio de Caballos”, “Jardín del Lago”, “Jardín de la Escultura Rosa” y “Jardín de la Alberca”. 

Fountains, stables, majestic gardens, open spaces and even swimming pools are some of the hidden treasures of this wedding venue in San Miguel de Allende, which is guided by its architectural references, since its design is authored by the architectural firm Artigas , one of the most prestigious in the country.

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Spaces, surroundings and spots for your wedding day at Rancho La Joya

Part of the objectives of this place is to magnify the experience and charm that a wedding should have. To do this, the space has a capacity of up to 500 to 750 people and best of all, only one event per day takes place nearby, so you won’t have to worry about sharing your big day with another couple.

As if that were not enough, at Rancho La Joya they have optional lodging for their guests. Here you can stay up to 70 people distributed in the part of the Hacienda and in four different villas: Casa Caballerangos, Casa Chevo, Casa Miren and Casa del Otro Rancho, four charming corners that, from the first glance, will captivate you with the beauty of its décor, its finishes and antique details that are distinguished at each step.

Having a wedding at Rancho La Joya is synonymous with luxury, exclusivity and a new concept of sophistication in one of the most sought-after magical towns in Mexico. When it comes to living and letting yourself be carried away by cultural magic, a space like this guarantees that you can fully immerse yourself in history, its traditions, colors and even in the most beautiful references of inspiration. All this as the perfect setting for you to say I do!

To make your wedding even better than you expected, at Rancho La Joya they also have a chapel, stables, a lake, a bar, an arena and carts, all the necessary elements for you to decorate your wedding photos with an elegant and very interesting Mexican style.

All your best ideas in one place!

If you need help with the organization of the wedding, the space offers an in-house service of expert wedding planners, although they also give you the freedom to choose your own team of professionals so that you can come up with all the creative ideas for your wedding. The service and its quality are completely dedicated so that you and your partner can enjoy San Miguel de Allende in a unique setting.

It is no coincidence that this is currently one of the most sought-after wedding venues in Mexico. Every moment that you and your partner spend at Rancho La Joya San Miguel de Allende will be unforgettable and, without a doubt, every corner will become one more reason to design a total and complete sensory experience.

If you need to enter a completely enchanted world, a place that has all the services for your wedding and where you can make an epic event come true, Rancho La Joya allows itself to be framed by architecture, art and aesthetics so that you have a spectacular celebration from start to finish.

If you were still hesitating to have a destination wedding in Mexico, this venue in San Miguel de Allende is the best answer, don’t you think?

Number of guests per space:

Patio de Caballos: 325 people

Jardín del Lago: 350 people

Ruedo: 200 people

Jardín de la Escultura Rosa: 750 people

Jardín de la Alberca: 300 people

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