A Super Cool Intimate Chicago Wedding And a Pair of Dior Slingbacks You’ll Love

A Super Cool Intimate Chicago Wedding And a Pair of Dior Slingbacks You’ll Love

The perfect dose of inspiration you need. Check out this intimate wedding in a city that captivates everyone equally. 

Chicago is a great idea if you are seeking to have an intimate wedding as cool as this one. You only need to stop and admire Alisha Tova’s photos to understand how such an important day can become the best expression of style for you and your love story. Sometimes all it takes is to step out of the conventional and understand that you and your partner have an infinite world of possibilities to design a unique, perfect, personalized and customized celebration. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at this intimate wedding to see what you can achieve before you get to the altar. 

The advantage of choosing such a format for your wedding is that you can experiment with many elements to make everything look even cooler and more authentic. The first thing, of course, is to decide on a look with which you can break the rules and set the aesthetics your way, using who you already are, what you love and how you define yourself as inspiration. A minimalist wedding dress, with simple lines and inspired by the perfection of architecture can be more than enough, especially if you pair it with a pair of Dior slingbacks and a makeup that highlights your lips with a fiery red. We love it!

Thinking in a casual, trendy and fashionable style is essential if you want to have an intimate wedding, especially if you plan to do it in a cosmopolitan city like Chicago. Without a doubt, the best part is not only in the spirit of the destination, its urban vibe and the breathtaking views that you can admire from any terrace where you are, but you can also enjoy an ideal environment to experiment with the design of an I do made to measure, without fulfilling expectations and designing the script of your own story. 

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Nothing compares to being able to conquer the streets of such a city with the company of your partner and a master photographer like Alisha Tova. Every moment and every second becomes an ideal opportunity to fall in love even more with your story and everything that frames the beauty of a wedding with personality and character. The goal is to break the ground rules from the arrangement, the ceremony and the reading of vows, to the reception and the spots you choose to have a very original photo shoot. This intimate Chicago wedding is one of our favorites. 

There is no need to create strange inventions or lean towards mega-produced weddings, the only thing you really need is for your big day to become an extension of you and your partner. Style, of course, counts for a lot, as does your touch with fashion, love for unexpected details and scenarios that provoke the craziest emotions. When it comes to love… nothing is impossible!

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Let yourself be carried away by this series of photographs, the dose of inspiration you need to experiment with an intimate wedding in a city that captivates everyone equally. 

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Behind the lens: Alisha Tova

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