Eternal Heartbeat: A Unique and Stylish Elopement immersed in Mexico’s beauty

Eternal Heartbeat: A Unique and Stylish Elopement immersed in Mexico’s beauty

Make your story, like Ana and Mikael's, resonate like the eternal heartbeat of a love that lasts forever - that's the key!

Thinking of love as a synonym of freedom is the perfect reason to build a story with no end point. The result of celebrating is another example of how you can immortalize the passage of time, which is accompanied by the beats of a heart in love. Ana and Mikael conquered with their own essence in an enchanting elopement immersed in the beauty of Mexico, its coolest places and, of course, the unmistakable skies tinged with endless colors and dreamy views. Eternal Heartbeat is the name that stands for this tribute to the good kind of love, the kind that arises without pressure, is maintained with constancy and is consolidated with freedom at all times. An ode to that love we all dream of, immortalized by Whitelab’s photographs.

With the idea of being two and only two on such a special day, Ana and Mikael started their elopement adventure at Pug Seal, one of the chicest hotels in Mexico City. The space, characterized by the proposals in interior design, its colorful corners, beautiful rooms and magnificent lighting in all its spaces was the ideal place so that both of them could get ready for a day that would become the best of their lives, with all these sources of inspiration at hand. An adventure in which they would not only let themselves be carried away by the chic essence of a city, but they would accompany it on a journey to nature… where everything begins and multiplies.

The artistic direction by The Romantic Company was essential for every second of this elopement in Mexico to be better than expected and, of course, for every detail to accompany the special vibe of this rebellious couple, risk-takers and ready to write a completely unique script for their wedding. If there was something clear for Ana and Mikael, it was that traditional rules had to be completely forgotten to design a day where only the two of them, their style and their character would exist.

For the day, Bridal Brunch opted for a super natural makeup, an incredible look to show off in the city and in the countryside, perfect for Ana to feel in complete freedom. To follow with her styling, nothing better than a design by Sauvage La Novia Libre, a wedding dress with high neck, lace embroidery and transparencies, with a natural skirt with a very elegant fall and a lot of movement. A top design to wear with a good pair of stilettos and, why not, a pair of sneakers to discover the best of nature.

On the other hand, Mikael chose a black suit by D’Paul, a great option to play with rebellious accessories and give a rocker touch to his look.

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The First Look fascinated me. The room had a very special vibe, a lighting and chiaroscuro effect that provoked a magical and mega romantic environment from the very first moment. Every second of the meeting was incredible, especially because this would be the prelude for Ana and Mikael to explore the spaces of the hotel, let themselves be carried away by all its surroundings and start the journey to the adventure of their elopement with a nice motorcycle ride through the city. 

The freedom of an elopement is ideal not only to explore with a bit of rebelliousness, but also for you and your partner to be more present on your wedding day, treasuring every moment and making every second count with smiles, glances, hugs and all those details that would thrill anyone.

The day was just beginning, and now it was time to enjoy a walk outside the city. Amecameca, a charming town with privileged views of the Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes was waiting for Ana and Mikael, specifically at Espacio Rancho Alegre, an outstanding venue with breathtaking natural views. The step by step through the gardens, the sound of the waterfalls, the galloping of the horses and the open fields were more than enough to be part of that palpable eternity, the kind that we can observe closely and fall in love with a thousand times. Like good love.

In the middle of nowhere and with an altar designed by Flor de Lima Boutique (also authors of the bridal bouquet), Ana and Mikael enjoyed a completely unconventional ceremony, a ritual that allowed them to be close and connected not only with each other but with nature as well. 

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To make every moment of this elopement in Mexico look even better, of course they could not miss the shots from Alba Weddings, who took care of designing a wonderful video.

Eternal Heartbeat is the clearest dose of inspiration you need to design a wedding that has its own language. Ana and Mikael’s story is perfect to understand all the possibilities that can be achieved with an elopement, a genuine and total experimentation with your surroundings, with the coolest scenarios and with that permanent inspiration that if your love is unique and forever, so must be such a special occasion.

Build an original script, be the directors of a movie that you will live over and over again, and conquer your dreams without fulfilling external expectations… just being yourselves. There is nothing better than that! Thinking about a perfect wedding goes far beyond thinking about a budget and a beautiful decoration, it is about designing an essence that captivates, that conquers and through which you can express who you are, who you love and why your love is so provocative.


If it’s all about forgetting distractions and being present one on one, this elopement in Mexico, with the right mix of modernity and naturalness, will be your source of inspiration to create a day that matches your ideals and with which you can break all the rules you can think of, in order to create your own. Make your story, like Ana and Mikael’s, resonate like the eternal heartbeat of a love that lasts forever – that’s the key!

Eternal Heartbeat / Video


Production and Artistic Direction: The Romantic Company | Photography: Whitelab | Video: Alba Weddings | Wedding Dress: Sauvage | Groom suit: D’Paul | Hotel: Pug Seal | Venue: Espacio Rancho Alegre | Floral design: Flor de Lima Boutique | Hair and Makeup: Bridal Brunch

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