Marianna Idirin: The Experience of a Luxury Wedding And The Beauty of Design

Marianna Idirin: The Experience of a Luxury Wedding And The Beauty of Design

Mariann Idirin's mind works at a thousand per hour. Get to know one of the top wedding designers in Mexico.

If it were necessary to describe the essence of Marianna Idirin, movement and creativity would surely be two fundamental pieces in her definition. For her who loves rush and adrenaline, limits are completely forgotten when creating and designing weddings with a different aesthetic. The goal is to captivate the senses in just a second, bringing attention to all those accessories that add character to the essence of the couple, their history and, of course, their unique personality. With a line that prefers the eclectic, Marianna Idirin’s work has positioned itself as one of the best in the country, making local and international couples who set their eyes on the mastery of a woman who has managed to consolidate an unpredictable impact on design, interior magic, colors and textures. The result? Extraordinary weddings.

Marianna Idirin Event Design

Marianna Idirin’s story begins approximately 25 years ago. Originally from Guanajuato, her career as a designer in the wedding industry began with very exclusive ceremonies in San Miguel de Allende, Celaya and Irapuato. Event curation soon became the creative banner of this interior designer, who found the excitement of creating, transforming and conceiving scenarios in a quick, impactful and ephemeral way in events. “I’ve been passionate about design all my life, the fact of creating… my mom is also an interior designer, so I carry it deep inside me.”

She arrived to Los Cabos in 2009, a place where not only the transformations occurred, but also the power to design with freedom and start creating new proposals in an industry where it seemed that everything was already dominated. “I focused on a new proposal that involved conceptualizing designs, creating furniture and having something that no one else had. Passion is very important to me, it’s what guides everything, because that’s where good business comes from and the success of what you do. But the fundamental part of what I do is the love of creating and sharing”. 

After three years she decided to refresh the image and essence of the brand to focus her attention on the design of new lines of furniture and special collections. For her and her team, innovation happens day after day, which has meant that now she is able to offer her clients the best of both worlds. “We are market leaders, people turn to us to see what we are doing.” 

Marianna Idirin understands that what she does is for her. “Every wedding, every concept is about creating something. I don’t see the wedding or birthday or restaurant production side of it. For me the interesting part is to create an experience, to have people go crazy with it and to exceed expectations.” The way for all this to become a reality is to go off the beaten path, look for inspiration everywhere and not fall into repetition. “The uniqueness of the whole experience blows my mind.”

Transforming ideas into extraordinary weddings is not easy, on the contrary, this creative tells us that you have to understand people, read them and make them live an incredible experience in colors, flavors, textures and even in the location. “I have quite a bit of content in mind and then I’m just waiting for the opportunity to develop something new or create a completely different concept. Weddings, even though they are intimate and personalized, are a challenge for me: how do you assess the couple, how do you convey something for them that is ad hoc with the space and so that there is a wow factor. That’s where I see a good niche. It’s not selling something, it’s conveying something.” 

The most interesting thing in the work of Marianna Idirin and her team is that each project is conceived from new ideas. The creation of furniture is one of those pillars that give presence to their productions, making each wedding understood as a new definition of luxury. The vision of how to surprise the couple and guests remains a constant in the evolution of the design of each event, and the result aims to take the experience to another level. “You start to see the transformation and everything that happens from what is imagined, the design of the furniture, the lamps and colors…it’s like creating a dream; a dream of mine and for them. It allows us to let our imagination and our passion run wild.” 

“Finding your planner or the people you want to work with is very important. It’s a line where you have to match, find people you’re aligned with.” In the planning process, the most fundamental thing is to know what the couple is looking for and to understand that it’s not just about a date or a sale, but that there must be a connection in between. For Marianna, it is a priority to get to know the couple and understand why they are choosing her and her team. “I have always believed in personalized attention, I don’t believe that a planner can design and produce… my company has very well cared for areas and within our service we integrate production and design, planning, carpentry and we also assign a planner who is in close contact with the bride and groom and is the filter so that all the information is very well curated.” 

Creativity in a wedding produced by Marianna Idirin involves every detail. Generalizing or thinking in “package weddings” is something you will never see in her company, because every wedding and every couple is understood under unique principles, so that there is even a personalized recommendation of professionals that go completely according to the style, aesthetics, proposal and visualization of the final result. Everything counts and everything has a purpose when it comes to designing fascinating experiences. 

Beyond inspiration, Marianna has made sure to nourish herself with a good dose of content. For her, travel is fundamental for ideas to surge, the cultural effect and the emotion that is generated from it. The connection can be as diverse as the destinations in the world, so it is no surprise that she can feel an interesting bond with a green wall in Morocco and, on the other hand, feel amazed by a photograph, a space, an art installation. “They are things that I vibe with at the moment, I focus on what I want to convey and share. The creative part comes from what’s in my emotions and in my head to design a high-end product.” 

“It’s an impressive and constant creative process. A minimum of 30% to 40% is completely new production at each wedding.”

The flowers, the decoration and even the bride’s dress are part of the out-of-context that Marianna Idirin experiences with each wedding. For this, experimentation is key, and she makes sure of that “I like everything, I don’t say no to anything, but what I like the most is versatility”. That’s why looking beyond the events is an important part of how the creative vision is generated: understanding the emotion that can be transmitted beyond the physical, understanding the relationship you have with all the references around you. Inspiration comes from everywhere and the key is to answer the question: how do you want the event to feel?

Mariann Idirin’s mind works at a thousand per hour. With a love for creation, a photographic memory, the sensitivity to find inspiration everywhere and even the passion to transmit through design, the woman who always dreamed of being an interior designer finds in the moments, the talks and the details the perfect ingredients to create weddings that completely break the mold. As she puts it: “my favorite wedding will always be the next one”. 

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