Haute Couture Lake Como Elopement: A Lovely #WeddingAesthetic

Haute Couture Lake Como Elopement: A Lovely #WeddingAesthetic

Each moment of this elopement in Lake Como is the best inspo for you to design the perfect wedding.

Designing the perfect aesthetic for your wedding has to become an experience full of details, inspiration and a great dose of creativity. Without a doubt, it is worth letting the magic of fashion be more than present to achieve with it an incredible environment, the focus on textiles, the mix of colors, the richness of the fabrics and the exquisiteness of them. This elopement in Lake Como is a fascinating vision that combines the artisanal dyes of haute couture, a pink wedding dress, a spectacular table styling and, of course, the views of a beautiful destination. Don’t miss Lilly Red’s photos.

This elopement is the ideal invitation for all those brides who want to break the rules on their wedding day, designing a celebration in their own way and letting their own style be the center of everything. Sometimes what you need is to run away from all external expectations in order to achieve a charming event in every sense, with the right details and with your own definition of what a love story is (or should be). No need to invent something, but simply let yourself be guided by everything that moves you, inspires you and makes you sigh with emotion.

And for this, what better than to start your wedding day in a luxury mansion, a house with hundreds of corners full of history, dreamy finishes and extraordinary corridors. Not that big productions are necessary, but the attention should go to all those ornaments that provoke surprise, even if it is a wallpaper, a vintage chair with golden details, a carpet or the interesting mix of embroidery with multicolored threads and energetic shades. Every detail counts and each of them should have a purpose in the design of your elopement.

Of course, you also need to think of a jaw-dropping design, and a pink couture wedding dress is just what you need to make your own style statement and show off your love for trends. This design was created by Lebanese designer Sara Mrad and it is a piece with an amazing wide skirt, hundreds of feathers and bangs, as well as an off the shoulder neckline. The long sleeves and full movement of this dress manage to create a perfect formula to make your bridal look a million times better.

When thinking about the perfect wedding, the most important thing is to focus on contrasts. At this elopement in Lake Como, the vibe inside the house and outside were completely different. Inside there was an endless dose of color, artistic references, museum-like artwork, rich textiles and an endless mix of materials, while outside the natural spaces and mesmerizing views of a luxury destination stood out. 

The magic continued in the table settings with textiles, intense colors, interesting mixes, surprising prints and an eclectic style of the most interesting. The ideal formula to make your guests feel tremendously inspired on your wedding day.

Each and every moment of this elopement in Lake Como is the best inspiration for you to design a wedding under your own rules, with a dreamy couture wedding dress and an aesthetic that breaks the rules completely and opens the doors to a wonderful world. 


Photography: Lilly Red | Venue: Villa Balbiano | Wedding Dress: Sara Mrad | Table Linens: Allegoria Textiles | Floral Design: Elena Atabaeva Flowers | Dishes: Laboratorio Paravicini | Stationery: Letterink |

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