Den & Isaac: A Boho Chic Style Wedding Infused With Romance

Den & Isaac: A Boho Chic Style Wedding Infused With Romance

Discover all the highlights of this fantastic wedding in a new bride's memoir!

We loved this bride’s memoir! We spoke with Den to tell us more in detail about the inspiration for her wedding, the décor, the aesthetics and what she enjoyed the most on that great day together with Isaac, her boyfriend. The boho chic style, infused with a lot of romance, was what made the atmosphere become a dream, in addition to the fact that the closeness and warmth were two key parameters for it to become the perfect wedding. Discover all the highlights!

Den told us that at first the look and feel of the wedding was completely different. They had chosen shades of white and pink to match the burgundy that the bridesmaids would wear; however, when the pandemic arrived and the wedding had to be postponed for a year, “I had more time to see our ideas and I opted for neutral colors, beige, olive green and silver and black accents” Even with the changes, the florist managed to bring all those ideas to life to create a very welcoming environment.

She defines her wedding in a boho chic style with some romanticism. To achieve the perfect effect, each detail served a specific purpose as part of the decoration. “All the flowers were pampas grass and palms with greener and more natural tones, but the dishes and the details that we put in didn’t lose the romantic and warm touch that we were looking for”. The wedding took place in Tepoztlán (the same destination where Isaac gave her the ring), in “El Suspiro”, a venue that from the beginning left both Den and Isaac fascinated by all the incredible nature and surroundings. A true experience for the senses!

The bridal look

This was one of the key elements in Den and Isaac’s wedding. Inspiration was essential to achieve an image that was not only cute, but was consistent with the boho chic wedding personality that she was thinking of.

Den knew she didn’t want strapless wedding dress because she thought it was too uncomfortable, and she was also sure that she didn’t want to see too many designs for fear of indecision taking over. “The first one I didn’t like at all, and in the second place I went I tried one that I liked, but I didn’t love it, so the girl told me: ‘please try this one on, I know it’s not how you want it , but I’m sure you will look beautiful ‘… and so it was, I put it on and immediately my mother and I knew it was THE dress”.

For the accessories, Den chose a short wedding veil because she loved the flow of her wedding dress.

For the jewelry, she chose earrings that belonged to her mother and that were the perfect match. For the “something blue” she lent her a sapphire ring and to accompany the pink tones of the decoration and the image of the bridesmaids, the bouquet was a perfect and mega romantic stamp on her look.

“For my hairstyle I wanted something that I felt comfortable with, and that when I saw my photos I did not feel that I was someone else, so I discarded the updos and opted for loose hair with a braid held with my headdress in the form of a half ponytail” . With makeup, Den chose a super natural look, with classic shadows and everything she needed to feel ultra comfortable on her big day.

The best of the wedding

When asked what it was that she enjoyed the most about the wedding, Den didn’t hesitate to answer that every moment was incredible since she woke up. “I was delighted that after such a long time I was able to see all of our friends and family. It was a luxury for me to have my 92-year-old grandmother dancing and celebrating with us, but above all it’s something beautiful to see everyone happy and enjoying something that you planned with so much love”.

The first bride and groom dance was accompanied by the song “Vengo del futuro”, “I showed it to him when we started dating, it was still nothing known and since then it became our song, he gave me the ring with it, and we believe it is a song that characterizes us, that talks about what we want to achieve and that moves us both with many emotions”.

The bride’s advice to enjoy the wedding

There is nothing better than knowing the experience of a bride to understand in more detail how to fully enjoy a day that has been planned with so much effort and affection. “The best thing is to surround yourself with good professionals. To enjoy everything to the fullest, my solution was to hire a coordinator who, since we met her, changed our lives, she took away the stress and gave us all the peace. Being around people who are excited about your wedding makes everything much better.”

To know how to choose the perfect wedding dress, Den recommends wearing one that you feel comfortable in. “There are a thousand beautiful dresses that just don’t go with who you are, and I think it’s important to be true to yourself and your tastes, rather than a trend or a whim. Comfort, weight and fabric were important things, since it influences a lot from the place of the wedding to the time of the day so that you are not uncomfortable. So my best advice is to choose what vibrates you and what makes you be you, to see you and feel safe. “

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DJ: Vb Music | Florals: Estela – Florería Karla Cuernavaca | Planning: Lizette Guerra | Photography and Video: Alexa Antonoff  | Venue: El Suspiro

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