Mauricio Rivera Kirschner: Weddings as Surreal Artistic Experiences

Mauricio Rivera Kirschner: Weddings as Surreal Artistic Experiences

Mauricio Rivera makes the surreal the perfect creative path to understand events as extensions of life itself.
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Mauricio Rivera’s aesthetics could not be classified into a single concept, although for him the closest thing to it exists within the eclectic framework. This architect, a fan of Kim Jones, believes in experimentation, in mixing trends and concepts. His productions go beyond a light show and a good table set-up, they become harmonious designs that are guided by the best of art, fashion and, of course, the transformation of spaces. In the final result of his work nothing is ever the same, and on the contrary, each wedding is transformed into a new language of expression, a new #aesthetic that is not for many, but ends up making everyone fall in love. In an interview, Mauricio Rivera tells us more in detail about his creative process, his design standards and the magic that happens every day at House of Kirshner.

The experience with Mauricio Rivera’s work is completely different, and the structural and design background has made him and his team of creatives take the traditional concept of weddings to another panorama. He tells us that “what we do are conceptualizations and interventions in spaces in a more architectural way. They are installations of great scope in which we play with elements such as structures, and we can only do that thanks to our background”. To the discipline of architecture is added the love for the arts, fashion and hot spots around the world that nurture the same creative project from different sides and with a tremendously photogenic final result.

The sources of inspiration are always his clients, he tells us. For Mauricio Rivera and his House of Kirschner, the ultimate intention of production is to translate the lifestyle of couples and families for whom he can design experiences. The landing of dreams to reality and the understanding of the party as an extension of the celebrant has led his work to a sensory panorama that leaves no one indifferent. “I pay a lot of attention to my clients: the trips they have enjoyed the most, their favorite style of music, etc. As a result, we manage to get them and my team to become one and the same to capture everything they bring in their minds and hearts, put it on paper and then see it turned into an event”.

And listening is where the differentiator lies. Mauricio Rivera, who doesn’t ignore the possibility of designing a lifestyle or luxury travel line, assures that paying attention to the needs of those who will host the event and maximizing the experience they wish to have for their friends or the people they love the most (no matter what event it is) is elemental; all with the purpose of projecting the unique dream that each one of them has and bringing it to reality.

Weddings as a new kind of lifestyle

Of course writing about a creative mind like Mauricio is also about talking about his own lifestyle. Each of his Instagram posts takes us to a surprise destination, a new way of understanding parties, fashion shows and art installations. Travel has been one of the banners that mark the differentiation in his work, and among the most prominent are St. Barthes, Mykonos, New York, Paris, London and the cities of the Middle East and Asia, spots that he calls his favorites around the world. “Mystical places, with architectural magic and cultural richness is what inspires me the most”, he says.

In addition to this, the cultural background is present not only in the photographs that adorn his feed, but also in the references that are incorporated in the development of events. “My favorite museums are contemporary art museums, because I feel that there is a current interpretation of the entire history of art. It’s the DNA that has one generation after another, and in the end all those artists through all that has happened in humanity are capturing reality in a unique way. I love that.” 

His travels, in addition to the great artistic influence, don’t have a strict itinerary, but rather the mere need to get to know and fully enter into the spirit of each destination. Mauricio tells us that he is fascinated by walking tours, without a fixed route or favorite streets. The cities themselves become museums for this architect of the ephemeral, and with that in mind, each step can become a surprise and an infinite shower of inspiration. “The last time I went to New York I thought: this is the creation of everything that has been passed down from generation to generation, and now these minds that are architects, designers, landscape architects or interior designers are the ones who are not only part of the creation, but also part of the essence that makes up the architecture of each city. I find that fascinating.”

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As a music lover and seeker of new sensory experiences translated into events, Mauricio Rivera considers himself a lover of deep house and new talents. It is no coincidence that his favorite beats are starred by Bedouin, Blond:ish or the Mexicans Vida, there is always a purpose behind all the ideas that accompany this creative. “I love discovering talent and bringing emerging artists to events to give them a giant push, and I also extend this to designers, chefs, musicians, painters, performers. The best thing about my job is that I get to bring a lot of creative directors together and be a curator for that weekend of that ephemeral experience that’s going to transport you to a crisp dream.”

And of course, to understand in more detail who defines himself as an art lover, we had to stop in the area of fashion. “I find haute-couture to be the most sophisticated and elegant. The process of the garments, how everything is handmade and how each piece takes hundreds and hundreds of hours of manufacturing to make art.” The same happens with creative projects that begin their life on paper and add fabrics, threads, reverses, stitching, handmade embroidery and everything necessary to turn a wedding into an ephemeral work of art, yes, but memorable in every sense. A sort of form that transcends time and space to consolidate itself in a temporary and captivating installation.

The challenge of transforming spaces and creating surreal weddings 

Complexity is part of Mauricio Rivera’s essence. “I like the spaces where it becomes almost impossible to hold the event due to lack of access, transporting everything via sea, etc.” In the impossible arises a new appetite to create and go beyond physical limitations, to make the rush and adrenaline of directing the step by step of an event in which the scale of care, detail and production discover new levels around the unsuspected.

Creating and conceiving a sensory experience from the hand of House of Kirschner takes a process as detailed and careful as all the elements that come to life in their productions. The first contact is made through their Los Angeles office with the company’s business developers, who make the closing of the event. Once the contract is signed, then a meeting is held with the clients, in which Mauricio is present along with the entire team from LA, Mexico City and Guadalajara.

Designers, architects, engineers, florists, decorators and producers put their minds and voices together to begin the execution of the first project, which is then presented through plans, renderings and a book consisting of 200 to 300 pages with the design of each area of the event. Due to the duration of the events, which usually last from 3 to 6 days, clients receive around 15 blueprints, as well as a blueprint for each of the pieces (approximately 60) that will be present in the happenings of the celebration from beginning to end. Based on this, a decision is made as to which elements will remain as part of the production, which will be eliminated, and the contracting of external suppliers (makeup, talent, musicians, etc.) begins.

It all starts with a two to four-hour interview ” that’ s where we ask them about their color palettes, textures, sensations, what they want people to feel when they enter, what they give more priority to (architecture, design, etc.). We land more concepts to fragment that couple’s dream and based on that I can start the design, taking everything that personalizes them into account.”. In the case of House of Kirschner, for example, each event has a 100% customized scent, which is designed by the best noses in the world to create amenities for the event.

Each project is tremendously ambitious, and although each phase has its own charm, Mauricio enjoys the creative process that lasts from 5 to 7 months, “in which you get to know the people who are looking to do the event in a different way, they open their souls to you and allow you to enter in a very special way.” After all the production time comes the moment to see the final result with the bride and groom, to be part of all the magic and to see the dream come true.

The step by step of each conceptualization has the sole purpose of being art and discovering the uniqueness of each human being, including their transformations, their desires, their history and the legacy they seek to leave. But that is not where the story ends, it is enhanced by the fact that part of the dreams of Mauricio Rivera and House of Kirschner involve the creation of fashion shows, the production of important events such as the Oscars, the MET Gala, the Golden Globes or the halftime of the Super Bowl, which, he says: “I know I’m going to do it”. 

“I would like people to understand that these are events that change people’s lives or the perspective of how people experience a party or a celebration. It’s like living a movie in real time. To understand that this is why we come to this world: to be happy and enjoy. I would like to design ephemeral experiences that travel around the world”.

Emotional intelligence to translate all emotions, take them to paper and transform them into temporary experiences, architecture of the ephemeral, a new conceptualization of the art of celebrating and of the very essence of the human being. Mauricio Rivera makes the surreal the perfect creative path to understand events as extensions of life itself, opportunities to connect with the unimaginable, witness the elimination of limits and build new realities through dreams. That’s where magic is born and remains… his magic. 

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