Clandestino Hotel: Mysticism and Luxury in San Miguel de Allende

Clandestino Hotel: Mysticism and Luxury in San Miguel de Allende

Clandestino Hotel gives even more sense to San Miguel de Allende, to its surroundings, to the beauty that is present in its streets.
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Clandestino Hotel is located at the heart of San Miguel de Allende, on the quaint Recreo street, just a couple of blocks from the Jardín Central plaza and the famous “Cathedral”. Certified as a historic location of more than 100 years of antiquity, the refurbished old house that hosts four of our eight suites, is marked by stories of mystery and legend. Our award winning design and architecture is accompanied by artworks from local artists to make Clandestino Hotel a beautiful space for you to enjoy. Our dedicated and personalized service make for a unique and happy experience that you will want repeat.

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Falling in love with San Miguel de Allende seems simple: cobblestone streets, colorful doors, walls with hundreds of textures, old houses that hold endless secrets, and views that no photograph can do justice to. But there is something else, a place that not only harbors mystery and a lot of magic in its name but in its surroundings shows how to redefine luxury to take it to the world of the Mexican, of the living, of what goes beyond time and space. Clandestino Hotel is that the invitation to be part of another world without leaving aside the richness of a magical town that, to this day, continues to establish itself as one of the must destinations to feel the richness of the country differently. A spot that, no matter how many times you walk through it, will always have surprises and a different spirit. Tailor-made. 

Clandestino, the spot that redefines Mexico’s mysticism

The name is certainly striking and with good reason. “When we started the project, none of the partners had a background in hotel management, so in a way, we were entering unknown or “forbidden” terrain, and we wanted to reflect that,” says Claudia Montealegre, part of the hotel’s founding team. But that was not all, she tells us that after starting the works, secret tunnels from the viceroyalty era were found in the property, “and from there came the idea of telling a story of clandestinity and transgression, but taken to the conceptual and aesthetic“. Since 2016, the year of the opening of its first complex, magic has been redefined in the town, giving a glimpse of a proposal completely focused on art, on what is different… on everything that breaks away from the mainstream.

Hotel Clandestino is located in two buildings: the first one on Recreo Street and the second one on Pila Seca. ( opened in August 2020). The decorative and design proposal is extraordinary in both locations, and in them dwells the same DNA that has given life to the essence of the hotel, which can be seen in the architecture, the decoration of the rooms, and the respect for the traditional buildings’ shell. Of course, “the spaces are very different and there are marked differences that, along with the art, we have put into each one to provide a unique identity. Clandestino Recreo is cozier and more intimate, while Pila Seca feels fresh and hip.” 

When it comes to inspiration, the essence of Mexico definitely has a special mention, and that is why the creative concept of both complexes fall in love with the colors and history of the country, without forgetting the architecture in keeping with the character of San Miguel de Allende and its due complement with works of 100% Mexican artists that elevate the aesthetic proposal to another level. From wherever you appreciate the hotel’s spaces you will find a dose of inspiration impossible to ignore, a stay that energizes from the first minute to the end, the opportunity to connect with a journey through time that mixes the best of two worlds: period references and modernity, all in equal parts. 

The experience is different but still framed by the magical and mysterious essence of Clandestino, by the power to create alternate realities in the same place and let the space become a blank canvas to dress it in your own way. And thanks to the creative vision of its founders, each and every corner seems to fit the way of life of those who walk through them and decide to immortalize moments in them. The line of communication that connects everything and marks a great differentiation is the service, and it is in the hotel that the concept of Total Hospitality is lived closer, which aims at “do everything possible to fulfill your wishes and make your stay 100% enjoyable. To this we must add comfort and art at very competitive prices”, says Claudia.

Clandestino Recreo has eight suites and Clandestino Pila Seca has thirteen. The main thing in the rooms is comfort, although a fundamental part of their success is the embrace they give you to relax after a day of sightseeing or after a wedding. The beds, the bathtubs, the finishes, the atmosphere, and the amenities were made to be enjoyed, and for you to do so in an extension of your own home, in a hotel that understands the value of design and accommodates it so that you feel part of that world that only exists in San Miguel de Allende.

The power of a wedding at Clandestino

Of course, so much magic could not be left without the chance to frame stories. Of course! Clandestino is the perfect venue to have a celebration to your liking and with an intimate vibe, completely in tune with the new wedding formats. The maximum capacity is 70 people, which guarantees an incredibly cool experience in one of the top hotels in San Miguel de Allende.

“In order to hold a wedding at the hotel, it is necessary to reserve all the rooms of the selected hotel (Recreo or Pila Seca) for a private event, which we call “Clandestino solo para ti” (Clandestino just for you). With this, you can make use of the facilities (central patio and terrace in the Hotel de Recreo # 31) (central patio and bar in the Hotel de Pila Seca # 2) at no additional cost. In case of booking both hotels, the Clandestino Suite is offered free of charge for the bride and groom, or for whomever they decide, for 2 nights“, says Claudia. The entire space can be lent to design an incredible event with the style you want, and part of the magic of this place is concentrated in the possibility of transforming its spaces while still enjoying the classic magic of the town and its colonial vibe.

To complement the experience, nothing better than choosing the rooftop to hold a pre- or post-wedding event. If you decide on this happening, then you should book the 8 rooms that the hotel has at Recreo #31. The maximum capacity is 20 people, which is perfect for you to show off with a proposal, a rehearsal dinner, or smaller but equally significant events. By the way, the terrace has an incredible view of the best of San Miguel, so with a good set of music, your guests and some drinks, that will be a memorable evening, and you can’t even imagine the sunsets!

And if you were wondering, the hotel is also an incredible place to have a honeymoon in San Miguel de Allende. “Here you can spend an unforgettable honeymoon in our Clandestino Suite full of details in a private, quiet, relaxing atmosphere and under the concept of Total Hospitality that characterizes us, with an excellent location to enjoy the city.”

Fashion & Art at Clandestino

The artistic references are a basic element that gives life to this hotel, which you can find in the rooms, while walking through the corridors or even at the very entrance to start the experience. Here the stay goes beyond the traditional concept, and it is because Clandestino “seeks to be a space recognized not only for its hospitality to those who stay with us but also for the creators who ‘host’ their art in our facilities. At this moment we are painting some incredible murals by the renowned artist El Dani Serrano”, they say.

Likewise, in the Pila Seca property, you can have a complete fashion immersion, and that is where the boutique of Pepa Pombo is located, one of the most recognized Colombian brands for the design of hand-woven garments, a spot where you should take a walk to get even more inspired. As you walk through this place you will find incredible artistic proposals that will add another perspective and vision to your stay and, believe us, there is nothing cooler than being part of a vision that transcends the physical aspect.

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Clandestino is just that: the mystery, the place, the promise where anything can happen. A hotel that has been built based on magic, art, spaces that captivate with their beauty and history. The spot gives even more sense to San Miguel de Allende, to its surroundings, to the beauty that is present in its streets. The site that goes beyond the obvious and the expected in order to translate expectations into new formulas to create the perfect stay, tailor-made and, of course, always with one goal: transgression turned into luxury, and luxury turned into clandestine. 

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