Dos Santas: Wedding Styling As A New Aesthetic Language For Destination Weddings

Dos Santas: Wedding Styling As A New Aesthetic Language For Destination Weddings

If it's about making art on your wedding day, Dos Santas is the clearest way to make that "yes, I do" transcend and become, truly, the best day of your life. 
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Planners & Stylists of exclusive destination weddings + Editorial Art Direction & Photography

Web: dossantas.com
Instagram: @dos__santas

Exclusivity and style are two of the banners that guide and frame the work of Dos Santas, a team that has given a new aesthetic definition to destination weddings, creating with each of them environments that could well be published in a design or art magazine. Their ideas have the effect of blowing anyone’s mind, taking advantage of subtle textures and the magic of colors, to the very emotions of a couple and the trends that emerge from their minds. With this pair, the concept of editorial takes on a completely different sensory experience. 

Behind Dos Santas are Aroa Parra, wedding planner and stylist, and Mónica Frías, photographer and videographer. Both, as creative directors, decided to call themselves this way because “we make miracles. You dream it and we make it happen. It was clear to both of them that they needed a name in Spanish that would attract attention, “and although our client is mostly english speaking and southern European, we wanted the brand to have that Latin touch that represents us. We come from countries where religion is very important (Spain and the Dominican Republic), and although we are super atheists, we like religious imagery and it represents our cultures perfectly”.

Aroa and Mónika’s years of collaboration have created the magic that is created at Dos Santas. Whether in weddings or editorial, the promise of creating out-of-the-box work was (and still is) practically a guarantee. “It’s hard to find people with whom you get along so well despite being so different. We are super different, but we respect each other a lot and we also laugh about those differences and make jokes about it”, which has made their work result in a very interesting mix of paths that could well be contrasting, but that manage to understand harmony from a different perspective. 

The styling proposal is one of the marvels with which they manage to distinguish their work. It is not only a matter of thinking beautifully, but of conceiving an aesthetic in which both form and substance are important. Beauty in all its forms and inspiration in every possible corner converted into a scenario to contextualize the coolest love stories. And yes, “for a wedding and for any event it is essential for your client to have an overview of the look that their celebration is going to have and thus be able to get an idea of how everything will look like… from there the whole development of the project starts and it allows you to present it to your vendors so that they understand the style as well”.

The work of Dos Santas is a synonym of creation, visualization and art exposed through ranges of colors, textures, materials, dreamy decorations and atmospheres that seem to be the protagonists of alternate realities. Everything has a meaning and, from wherever the final result is seen, there will always be a clear stamp to put the accent on the love story and the atmosphere of it. “Both Aroa and I have no limits when it comes to finding inspiration and our phones are full of images that we send each other every day.”

In their work, experimentation is key. Art installations they’ve seen in museums, movie scenes and any detail can be a motivation to integrate it into the creative concept of a wedding. “We like to look for inspiration outside the world of weddings to avoid falling into the same old same old, although in the end the client has a lot to do with the final result”. Of course, this pair of creatives understand that they are at the service of a couple, their style and tastes and, without leaving that aside, they always look for all their events to have an imprint, a seal that differentiates their formula and fulfills the goal of “guiding couples to flee from what they have seen on Pinterest and try to turn it around to make it unique”.

And since it’s all about the final result, the memories that remain forever and those images through which you can relive such a special occasion, at Dos Santas they are convinced that the role of a wedding stylist is very important, because “with the styling you create emotions and give personality to the wedding. The organization is super important, because it is what makes the day go smoothly and without surprises, but a well-done styling is everything!”

To make the magic even more detailed, Aroa and Mónika prefer small weddings (between 80 and 100 guests) and, of course, in destinations that are new for both the bride and groom and for them. “It’s fun to discover new venues and a challenge to organize weddings in those places we don’t know and to adapt the styling to the place”. Among their favorite options, as they share with us, is a small wedding in a small village in southern Italy… “it’s a YES for both of us”.

Having Dos Santas as part of your wedding team is not impossible, much less if you are clear about the value of a creative concept that goes beyond what you have seen so far in social networks. Their process is very simple: “you write us an email, we look at availability and that our style goes hand in hand with yours, and we start dreaming from there”. So, with the clear vision that there are no limits, you just need to choose the destination and get to work. 

If it’s about making art on your wedding day, elevate the proposal of a unique atmosphere, integrate all your references to create atmospheres out of series and fully rely on the power of styling, Dos Santas is the clearest way to make that “yes, I do” transcend and become, truly, the best day of your life. 

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