Foolishly Rushing In: Where Fashion and Wedding Photography Meet

Foolishly Rushing In: Where Fashion and Wedding Photography Meet

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Hi, we are so happy that you are here! I’m Nardia, your photographer + my husband's name is Dan, your cinematographer! People's first question usually goes something like “ We love your company name how did you get it?” Dan and I got married almost 10 years ago Sept 4th, 2010. We were engaged within four months of meeting each other, married within 11 months, our first dance was to Elvis Presley - cant help falling in love. Hence, came the name, Foolishly Rushing In.

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There is nothing quite as magical as seeing art at weddings full of references that go beyond what is already known. That’s exactly what happens with Foolishly Rushing In, a team made up of Nardia and Dan, who have taken it upon themselves to reinvent the way wedding photography and videography is done. Together with their team, this couple has laid the foundations so that, beyond the image, the editorial style, fashion and good taste remain as the standards of their work. Undoubtedly, a photographic and video bet that you will not want to miss for anything in the world.

The story begins with Mexican roots, and it was Nardia who began her aesthetic journey as a child. Her growing up was marked by looking good and dressing with style, and it was thanks to her mother, her three sisters and her love of shopping, that she managed to mark a turning point in her way of conceiving image. Once she moved to California with her family and after growing up in Los Angeles, of course good taste and a touch of style were a fundamental part of her life. Nicole Richie was, believe it or not, a fundamental part of her approach to national and international fashion magazines, a love that still remains and through which she finds inspiration for stunning wedding photographs.

The editorial commitment to Foolishly Rushing In was no accident, as the influence of fashion magazines had a major effect on Nardia. For his part, Dan, who has been her husband for 10 years, saw beyond the obvious and found in his wife’s love of design the perfect source to consolidate his passion and turn it into a way of life and a way of proposing art. “I think he saw something in me that he knew I would love, and that’s why I’m so grateful that this venture worked out,” she says. Dan, as part of the team, is in charge of the whole filmmaking initiative, and has always been influenced by all kinds of music videos and art films,” he says.

The experience of working and collaborating with Foolishly Rushing In is completely immersive. Many couples have only needed a few images to understand that Nardia and Dan find a new way of telling love stories in the editorial proposal. The style is casual, but no less elegant; it is an experience of visual luxury, in which the couples themselves find a new aesthetic way to tell who they are, why they fell in love and why they are so unique. The love of art, of course, is fundamental and is one of the great foundations for the work of this pair and their team to remain fresh and full of surprises. Nothing is ever set in stone.

After 10 years together, this couple assumes to be completely in love, and it is thanks to this that they find in their own family a whole baggage of reflections, stories and inspirations to connect with couples from all over the world. That very thing, what’s in them, is what has led Foolishly Rushing In to become one of the most striking wedding photography and videography companies, an ode to love inspired by fashion, editorial design and stories that never end.

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