Blank: The Newest Ritual Unions Collection for the Most Daring Brides

Blank: The Newest Ritual Unions Collection for the Most Daring Brides

Blank is presented as a fresh approach that, in the midst of 2021, should be taken to see bridal fashion with a different perspective and experiment with those looks that will allow you to show your style in a unique way.

“Getting Married is a Bold step”, Thus begins the presentation of Blank, the most recent collection of Ritual Unions that seeks, above all, to make it clear that in 2021 nothing is normal anymore, so you should do whatever you want, especially on your wedding day. This display of designs is a complete rebellion to what we have seen in previous seasons, a quest to rethink the blank canvas, a new beginning and the importance of a day that offers you hundreds of possibilities. And if there is a special occasion to show off who you are and what you are made of, it is undoubtedly your wedding. Discover these wedding dresses.

The brand clearly understands that 2020 was a roller coaster ride. Karin Brettmeister, creative director of Ritual Unions, used the very outline of uncertainty and issues of that year to show personal growth and evolution. “Once we learn to love the pain that comes with the challenges, as well as the moments of happiness, we wake up. We see the blank page in front of us and realize that we are free to fill it with whatever we want… We can do whatever the f** we want.”, she says. This sentence consolidates the inspiration of Blank, the birth that arises to find not only peace, but also reinvention and creativity in the midst of turbulence.

Blank incorporates classic elements of tailoring, a discipline that Karin’s grandfather practiced. Those techniques that distinguish themselves in men’s fashion now find their place in the wedding dresses of Ritual Unions, a collection that represents creative and aesthetic freedom in all its possible forms. An adventure in fabrics that is not for everyone and is exclusively reserved for daring women, those who are not afraid of anything. And that’s where the brand’s vision lies, in providing the exact right pieces to those women who trust in self-love and are ready to start a new chapter in their lives.

All designs are handmade in Berlin, home city of Ritual Unions, and best of all, each one is committed to leaving a positive stamp through the use of sustainable materials. The firm fully relies on slow fashion, so the production is by order and not in mass, which also allows the wedding dresses to become an even more personalized experience and with a deeper message.

Within the collection you will find classic materials such as tulle, accompanied by pearls and paillettes. The cuts on the sides and the necklines on the back show the power of femininity in 2021, because self-love will be a mega trend this year. The 3D flower embroidery is one of the elements that define romanticism from a distance, as well as the new interpretation of the capes that resemble a pair of wings, an unmistakable symbol of freedom at its best. As expected, Ritual Unions plays with one of the key pieces and transforms it into the new bridal look excellence: the blazerdress, which can be worn as a single garment and even over dresses and pants.

The asymmetrical necklines come hand in hand with a loose fit and a good pair of elephant leg pants, the ideal outfit if you are going to have an alternative celebration or if you want to break away from the classic wedding protocols. Ritual Unions incorporates elements from past collections in Blank, such as a voluminous skirt paired with an incredible corset. To make a complete reset of the system, what better than a black wedding dress, a completely surprising bet to understand that trends are fleeting, but the personal style of each bride is the one that will go down in history.

Without a doubt, Karin Brettmeister does a masterful job with the new Ritual Unions collection. Blank is presented as a new breath of fresh air that, in the midst of 2021, should be taken to look at bridal fashion in a different light and experiment with those looks that will allow you to uniquely showcase your style. Do whatever the f** you want.

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