Top 10 Most Exclusive Hotels in Tulum for Your Wedding Day or Honeymoon

Top 10 Most Exclusive Hotels in Tulum for Your Wedding Day or Honeymoon

10 spaces that perfectly combine luxury, contact with nature, organic elements and experiences to bring you into balance.

Whether you want to live a completely different experience on your wedding day or honeymoon, what better way to do it than in the Mexican Caribbean. Here we bring you 10 luxury options for you to spend a few top days in Tulum.

Jashita Tulum

This small luxury hotel is completely focused on the preservation of the environment, so its construction is wrapped by the colors of the Caribbean nature and the bay. Undoubtedly, Jashita has become one of those treasures that only Tulum could have, and because of it today it is of one of the top hotels to enjoy your wedding or honeymoon. All suites have been decorated with the utmost care and each of them is equipped with modern items that combine two worlds: harmony with the environment and an undeniable luxurious effect. The favorite spot is the white sand beach, where you can swim and snorkel or paddle board all year round. This is one of the few bays that is protected by an incredible coral reef.

The spaces designed for children and adults make Jashita a perfect option for a family trip, although you can always make it your first choice for that long-awaited honeymoon. While enjoying your stay, you won’t want to miss Pandano, the hotel’s restaurant that offers a tremendous selection of dishes inspired by Italian, Mexican and international cuisine. Grilled lobster is one of the specialties, as well as dishes made with fresh fish – a delight!

Web: jashitahotel.com
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Casa Malca

If anything is known is that going to Tulum is to connect fully with nature, and at Casa Malca all that becomes a reality from the beginning. This hotel not only has the best views of the Caribbean and a dreamy beach, but in its 71 rooms and in its overall design there is a great weight given to modern art. This site is perfect for all kinds of celebrations, and all its scenarios lend themselves to be the best frames for fascinating weddings. For a honeymoon, the spa is a must, as well as the restaurants that add a brutal gastronomic proposal to enjoy the essence of Tulum even more.

If you want to celebrate your wedding at Casa Malca you should know that the maximum capacity is up to 200 guests. This hotel is the top choice among the best wedding planners in the region and, best of all, you will be able to enjoy a delicious catering on that day.

Web: casamalca.com/
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Be Tulum Beach & Spa Resort

The design of the hotel was made with natural materials in order to mark an impressive harmony with the environment, betting on terraces with incredible views, private pools and magazine interior designs. Yaan Wellness Spa is a must to be part of the best relaxation treatments and massages in a space with rustic and very cool characteristics.

You can also celebrate your wedding at this hotel and the best of it all is that you can request the advice of their in-house wedding planner so that he or she can take care of the details. You can enjoy a dinner on the beach with your guests, for example. If you are looking for a honeymoon, you can be sure that here you will live a trip like no other.

Web: betulum.com/
Facebook: @betulumhotel
Instagram: @betulumhotel

Nômade Tulum

This hotel uses the best of the holistic approach to create sustainable spaces that reflect an organic vibe in harmony with the environment. For that reason, and much more, this is one of the most exclusive in the destination. Its design connects nature, people and different cultures, and it is those spaces that are able to reflect all the style and luxury of a place with a lot of history and a remarkable preference for making connections that go far beyond the material. Nômade is 10.5 km from the archaeological site of Tulum, and has a spa and a private beach, as well as a delicious restaurant for an extraordinary stay.

As part of the design of the rooms you will find suites and villas surrounded by jungle and natural areas; of course, you will not want to leave out the tree house, a mythical place for you to live a perfect honeymoon. The decoration is inspired by the local resources and colors that match the views and the hotel’s own personality. At Nômade you can also plan an impressive wedding with a style that no one will be able to top.

Web: nomadetulum.com/
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Instagram: @nomadetulum

Casa de Agua by Ana y José

This is another of the most exclusive hotels in Tulum. This exclusive place in the middle of paradise will completely change the way you understand luxury, because it is not just a hotel, but a luxury experience in Tulum. A stay that offers the most exclusive amenities, premium services and an environment surrounded by peace and an atmosphere of incomparable beauty. Among the favorite amenities are: the infinity pool, which will give you a breathtaking view; likewise, the private chef service is designed to delight your palate and that of your partner and, of course, we couldn’t leave out the concierge service that will be your addiction.

Although the house has a capacity for 8 to 10 people, this place can also be used for your honeymoon or as an ideal space for you to get ready the day before the wedding or to carry out happenings in a more intimate atmosphere. You won’t want to miss Casa de Agua’s exclusive beach, as well as the private terrace to enjoy the sunsets and the living room to put the world on pause and forget about everything. If you are looking for a cozy space, but with the same vibe of a luxury hotel… this is the place for you!

Web: anayjose.com/casa-de-agua
Facebook: @anayjosehotel
Instagram: @anayjosehotel

La Valise Tulum

If it’s about living to the fullest that serenity and magic that only Tulum has and hides, nothing better than doing it in this hotel, considered one of the best and most exclusive of the destination. Here you will not only be able to wrap yourself in an experience that surpasses everything you knew about luxury, but you will also be able to be more in touch with scenarios of beauty, sophistication, art and charm… all in one place that also offers privacy and curation down to the smallest detail. The suites are tailor-made and combine elements of nature and the jungle, as well as the sea; the views are spectacular and the design finds the best influences of Mexican handicrafts. All the best to live the Caribbean in a fascinating experience.

La Valise Tulum’s experiences are completely personalized and aim to create an unbreakable connection between body, mind and soul, three elements that coexist in harmony from the moment you set foot in this place. To close with a flourish, what better than a good meal at Nü Tulum, the restaurant that offers a completely different approach to traditional Mexican cuisine, offering fresh, local and completely sustainable ingredients in its dishes. Among the gastronomic offerings you will also find Wild and Itzik, two ideal bets to delight you on your honeymoon.

Web: lavalisetulum.com
Facebook: @LaValiseTulumMx
Instagram: @lavalisehotels

Hotel Bardo

With a super clear balance between distinctive design and the luxury of contemporary lifestyle, Hotel Bardo has become a benchmark for celebrating distinction and the power of transformation. Thanks to this, guests can live a pure experience, beyond the ordinary and in an environment of complete privacy; that yes, always with the guarantee of trying a new taste of exclusivity. The villas feature stunning design, private pools, cozy decor with the use of local handmade arts and an environment that invites you to connect with nature from the first minute of the day to the last. The experiences, of course, are attuned to create an evolution of consciousness and a space to connect with you and your partner.

As expected, Hotel Bardo also has an irresistible gastronomic proposal, whether in its flagship restaurant Milum, or in one of its bars or terraces. The food goes beyond taste and focuses on captivating the soul as well, bringing the essence of Yucatán to each of the delicacies prepared in the kitchen. The elements of water, fire, earth and air are conceived in their purest form to become the ideal pretexts to connect with nature and the uniqueness of the environments. A perfect opportunity to start your marriage under a pure harmony character.

Web: hotelbars.mx
Facebook: @hotelbardotulum
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Gramercy Tulum

Gramercy is a boutique hotel that combines the true essence of Tulum with an exquisite curation of quality in each of the villas that make up this complex. Being beachfront, all the experiences you can enjoy are extraordinary and designed for all types of personalities that guests have. Of course, you should know the services and enjoy them to the fullest, such as a good dinner by the sea, an afternoon at the beach club, or a coquettish drink on the rooftop. The restaurants, by the way, have become the hot spots of the destination to delight you with a good gastronomic proposal.

The rooms are designed to give you the best of Caribbean luxury, and thanks to the bohemian vibes of this place, the ambiance is more than inspiring with a decor that fits perfectly with the natural surroundings and plays with Mexican-inspired textures. The best part is that while you can have a stunning honeymoon at Gramercy Tulum, this hotel is also a great venue for you to have a destination wedding like no other.

Web: gramercytulum.com
Facebook: @GramercyTulum
Instagram: @gramercytulum

Hotel Boutique Chacá

Defined as a space with hundreds of experiences to share, Hotel Boutique Chacá has become one of the most exclusive spaces for honeymoons in Tulum. All the casitas that make up the hotel were designed to enjoy comfort and relaxation within the Mayan jungle, in order to meet the objective of being a place to find tranquility, fresh air and personalized service that makes you feel at home; yes, all in full contact with the beauty of the jungle. What we like most about this place is the balance that is achieved between the environment and the human being, a connection that is made even more beautiful by the incorporation of elements of ancient cultures.

Hotel Boutique Chacá offers all the comforts for a luxurious stay that is the sum of an exquisite and personalized service, an exclusive environment in facilities with style and history. You won’t want to miss Coba to dive into the Choo cenote, or a tour of the archaeological site that is only 2 kilometers from the hotel. Of course, the lagoons are not to be missed while enjoying your honeymoon, as well as the zipline if you and your partner are focused on adventure – a beauty!

Web: hotelchaca.com
Facebook: @HotelChaca
Instagram: @HotelChaca

Orchid House Tulum

Orchid House Tulum is made up of a team of travelers who have discovered the perfect blend of ingredients to design the perfect balance between being at home and enjoying a luxury experience like no other. This boutique hotel has positioned itself as one of the most exclusive in the destination, and no wonder. Here you will be surrounded by the magic of the Mayan jungle and, by the way, experience the turquoise waters of the beaches that can only be seen in the Mexican Caribbean. Among orchids (which of course could not be missing), local species and palm trees, all the resources used by this place comply with the objective of being environmentally responsible.

The hotel has 10 rooms and a restaurant that, by the way, is inspired by Mexican cuisine and is transformed with the passing of the seasons. All dishes are prepared with local ingredients and with great responsibility for the use of resources and the environment. Of course, you won’t want to miss out on their wide range of drinks made with organic elements, creations that are constantly changing and are, without a doubt, delicious. You’re going to love it!

Web: orchidhouse.com/tulum
Facebook: @orchidhousehotels
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10 perfect hotels to get married, or to celebrate your honeymoon in the best of Tulum. 10 spaces that perfectly combine luxury spaces, contact with nature, organic elements and experiences to enter into balance.

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